Places I've been

When I was a kid, my uncle, who travelled all over the world, used to have this big world map posted on his wall at home, and he would use coloured thumbtacks to mark on it the places he's been to. For some reason I found this very fascinating. I always wanted to make such a map of my own, especially after traveling almost completely around the world with my parents on a polish cargo ship. Since it is the digital age, Google and PaintShop/Gimp came to the rescue: on the following map I keep track of the places I have been to on our little planet. Hmmm... I still have quite a lot of "undotted" area left... :)

The solid red discs are places I could definitely pinpoint, while the fuzzy ones represent places where I could only roughly guess at the location (usually because I can't quite remember what town, city, or part of island I visited).

The MAP (~200k)