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Academic History

I studied physics at the McMaster University Department of Physics and Astronomy , graduating with a B.Sc. in Theoretical Physics and Applied Mathematics in 1987, and an M.Sc. in Experimental Condensed Matter Physics in 1989. For a number of years in the '90s I worked in the undergraduate labs of the McGill University Physics Department, primarily in the area of automated data acquisition and analysis where I taught undergraduates and designed and implemented experiments. In 1996 I returned to McMaster to study at the Department of Computer Science and Systems, now called the Department of Computing and Software from which I graduated with a B.Sc. in 1998. In 2000 I completed an M.Sc. in Computer Science here at the University of Toronto. I'm currently enrolled as a Ph.D. candidate supervised by Eugene Fiume and James Stewart .

Recent Research


I was visiting iMAGIS in Grenoble for a while in the fall of '99, and made a small tour complete with photos. During this period, I worked on general mathematics in graphics hardware. Thanks go to James Stewart and all the people at iMAGIS for making this visit both possible and enjoyable.

Computational Biology

In the summer of '98, I worked as a research associate under Tao Jiang with Todd Wareham in the area of Computational Biology; our group was working on approximate schemes for multiple local sequence alignment and building phylogenetic trees. Some of our work was in collaboration with and their groups at the University of Waterloo Computer Science Department .

We were all part of BIG (Bioinformatics Group) which included researchers from Queen's University in addition to McMaster University and the University of Waterloo.

Dynamic Graphics Project Department of Computer Science University of Toronto