Character Animation using Transformation Based Linear Dynamics

Master of Science degree, 1997

Graduate Department of Computer Science

University of Toronto


In this thesis we show that physically based animation of deformable objects can be applied to character animation in a way that is compatible with existing computer graphics modeling and animation techniques. This is accomplished through the use of a low degree of freedom physical model based on transformations which are commonly applied to geometric models in computer graphics. We make contributions towards using B-spline based free-form deformations in this context, and show the benefits of embedding the geometric model in a predeformed transformation domain. We also make contributions towards a general treatment of potential functions for shape and volume preservation. We further show that the characteristics of the physical model can be synthesized from surface based geometry, and that constraints can be used to directly control models and construct motion hierarchies. Finally, we illustrate how character animation can be efficiently specified in an animation system based on these techniques.

Thesis: Abstract | Introduction | Examples

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