Storeoboard: Sketching Stereoscopic Storyboards

Rorik Henrikson*    Bruno De Araujo*    Fanny Chevalier° *    Karan Singh*    Ravin Balakrishnan*

*Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto                            °Inria, France

What is Storeoboard


The resurgence of stereoscopic media has motivated filmmakers to evolve a new stereo-cinematic vocabulary, as many principles for stereo 3D film are unique. Concepts like plane separation, parallax position, and depth budgets are missing from early planning due to the 2D nature of existing storyboards. Storeoboard is the first of its kind, allowing filmmakers to explore, experiment and conceptualize ideas in stereo early in the film pipeline, develop new stereo-cinematic constructs and foresee potential difficulties. Storeoboard is the design outcome of interviews and field work with directors, stereographers, and storyboard artists.

How it Works

Storeoboard works by treating the drawing volume as a stack of transparent sheets. By allowing the artist to quickly pick which sheet they wish to draw upon, the artist can continue to add content to the drawing without wasting time fiddling with 3D models or creating an underlying infrastructure. Further, once content has been added to the scene, it can be easily moved to another location allowing for a flexible workflow and impromptu decisions while creating these stereoscopic drawings.

Storeoboard in Use

Storeoboard was used for planning the first stereoscopic 3D romantic comedy 40 Below and Falling staring Jewel Staite (Firefly, The Killing) and Shawn Roberts (Resident Evil, X-Men). The film went on to receive a prestigious 3D Lumiere Award for its 3D work (previous award winners include James Cameron, Martin Scorsese, and Ang Lee) beating out films such as "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "Inside Out".

Sample Footage

Here is some sample footage of our program being used by storyboard artist Nas Pasha


Here are some sample images created with our system (images can be viewed with red/cyan anaglyph glasses).

Winnie SmokingMan Tiger
Punch Superman

For those without anaglyph glasses

Cafe Wiggle Lecture Wiggle Ship Wiggle

Other News

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