Don Valley Moutain Bike Trail Network (Toronto) - Easy trail

This should work in IE (>5.5), Firefox (>1.06) & Netscape (>7.2). Please let me know if that's not the case.

This is yet another experiment with my Garmin GPS Unit, the Geko 301. Try going into full screen mode (press F11 in IE, and make all the toolbars go away), then click on the "Follow route" button above.

The map to the left shows the track log when biking on the easiest part of the Don Valley network of mountain biking trails. I just bought a Bike mount for my Geko at the Mountain Equipment Coop (MEC), but unfortunately it wasn't the right one. I still managed to rig it up, but I didn't want too bumpy a ride until I get the real bike mount.

I was pretty impressed with the results -- compared to having the gps unit in the back pocket of my shirt. When I had the GPS unit in the pocket, it kept getting a weak GPS signal, and the track points were useless. But with the bike mount, it's mostly pretty good. It screwed up once when going under the bridge, but on the way back it did much better.

By the way, this little loop here isn't an error -- I really did go around there a few times. This is where there are a whole bunch of differnt jumps and bumps, one can waste a lot of time in that area!

It'd be nice to try an external antenna to see if that helps, but unfortunately it doesn't seem like the Geko unit supports external antennae.

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