Video Annotation and Analysis System(VANNA)


VANNA is a system for video annotation or "coding" video tapes. It is software that runs on Apple MACINTOSH computers which controls a VCR providing the user with the ability to associate the text or tags with particular segments of the tape. As a result, it allows information storage on videotape as a document.


VANNA is a HyperCard stack which runs on a Mac II. Other hardware requirements include a VCR with Control-L facility, a colour monitor, and Control-L cable.


VANNA was designed to address a problem that many researchers in human interaction experience as a result of using video tape. Video is a very rich recording medium but the process of analyzing video takes longer than the viewing time of the tape. VANNA allows a skilled coder to code without stopping the tape. This drastically reduces the time to code a tape.


On-Track (the new version of VidClip) doesn't seem to work with a mac IIfx. When using System 7 virtual memory must be turned off for use with VidClip or On-Track. Mac IIfx computers have a very different hardware implementation of the serial port. Since the VidClip/On Track software writes directly to the hardware it will not work on a Mac IIfx unless you install the FX serial port compatibility control panel. This control panel must be set to compatible (rather than fast).