TAS/ Servers


Audio/Video Device and Channel Switching/Control Software Servers. Maintains a virtual office model, including the concept of door-state for personal accessibility. Provides call management for point-to-point and (internal)multipoint A/V synchronous connections. Controls devices such as a PictTelCodec, various brands of baseband A/V switches, and VCRs. It is the A/Vanalog of the telephone PBX. TAS/ servers at different sites will be able to communicate with each other in order that connections can be made between users at different sites in a reasonably transparent manner.


Servers are written in C and run on Sun UNIX platforms, SunOs 4.1.3. The software is quite sophisticated.


Fairly unique as a capability, and extensible through new applications (such as Portholes) which exploit the switching features.


Needs client programs that exploit its intelligence (there are some, see below). Software is part owned by Xerox. Servers are single threaded, thus they probably could not handle large sites. Fairly robust but could be improved. Uses Internet services for communications.


The inter-TAS/ communications are currently under development.