One of the outputs of the Ontario Telepresence Project is a stream of innovations which may be relevant of the products and services of the Project's Industrial Partners. These innovations manifest themselves as hardware, software, system prototypes and methodologies.

This document gives a brief description of some of the technologies and methodologies that have been developed internally or adopted from outside sources. For more information on any of these, contact the Managing Director of the Ontario Telepresence Project.

The following are the list of topics :


o TAS/ Servers
o TAS/ Clients
o Video Answering Machine
o D-Box VCR Controller
o Voice Server
o Universal Voice Mail
o Video Mail
o Digital Video Server
o Portholes
o Network Video (NV)
o Video Mark-up


o Desk Area Network (DAN)
o MCS/Network Support
o Active Desk
o Brady Bunch
o Door Access Control
o Timelines
o Video Surrogates
o Hydra
o Near/Far Cameras
o Front-2-Back-2-Front Conferencing

Social Sciences

o Methodology for the Introduction of New Technology in the Workplace
o Video Annotation and Analysis System

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