Short Biography

Garry Beirne is a Research Associate with the Ontario Telepresence Project. He brings to the project an expertise in human-computer interaction, a broad base of audio and video skills, connection with the world of contemporary art and critical thought, and a breadth of experience in a wide variety of technological, creative and cultural domains. Mr. Beirne is particularly interested in the social and cultural concerns of emerging telecommunications technologies.

He has been active as a researcher in human-computer interaction for over 10 years, with particular emphasis on computers in education and computers in the arts. At The Banff Centre for the Arts, he was a member of a small team that designed, setup and operated a unique world-class art media centre. Media Arts at The Banff Centre is actively involved in supporting computer-based creative endeavour by facilitating collaboration between the computer science and artist communities. As a computer scientist with an attachment to the arts, Mr. Beirne has been exploring the use of computer technology as a vehicle of human expression.

Mr. Beirne has been involved with a broad range of professional groups, including ACM SIGGRAPH and SIGCHI as a member of the conference organizing committees, the International Computer Music Association, and a number of other professional associations. He received his Computer Science training at the University of Toronto.

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