Creative Projects

  • Mar 1994+ Inter/Access, member of Advisory Board for this Artist Run space
  • Feb 1994+ Transit Lounge, technical consultant for evolution of Vera Frenkel's highly acclaimed installation, for presentation in several galleries in Europe, N. America and Asia
  • Jan-May 1992 Transit Lounge, technical consultant for Vera Frenkel's highly acclaimed installation at Documenta, in Kassell, Germany
  • July 1990 Moscow Portraits, computer graphics consultation, direction and creation
  • February 1990 Pauline Oliveros, directed development of interactive reverberation tools for performance
  • January 1990 Steve Coleman, evaluated/advised on development of interactive music improvisation system
  • July 1989 Vera Frankel, advised and assisted in image manipulation of slides for MAD
  • July - Apr 1989 The Glenn Gould Profile, assisted artists in conceptual design of this hypermedia literature
  • June 1988 JPL Floor Design, used algorithms to encrypt messages in the layout of floor tiles in JPL Building
  • Jan-Mar 1988 Extension Cord, Technical director on this multimedia interactive theatrical performance piece
  • December 1986 Crickets, Co-directed and co-produced performance incorporating interactive video and real-time computer control of lights, sound, video and slide material; directed 12 programmers developing all the above software and the necessary stage-management tools.
  • Mar-Dec 1986 From beam of steel to beam of light, co-designed and produced this interactive video installation for the PREDICTIONS area of the Canada Pavilion at Expo 86 in Vancouver. The installation is now in the archives at the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa.

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