Editor's Comments Worksheet

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Editor's Comments Worksheet

Writer's Name: ________________________________

Reviewer's Name: ________________________________

Paper Title: ________________________________

Caveat: The trick to effective peer editing is consideration. The editor should take into account the writer's feelings. There is no need to be heavy handed or too disparaging. In fact, if you provide positive feedback, your more penetrating and critical remarks will be taken more kindly.

First Impressions

What do you like most about the paper? What particularly impressed you when you read it?

How well does the paper achieve its purpose, that is, how well does it meet the goals of the assignment?

Looking Closely

The main argument of the paper is that ....

The argument is (plausible, boring, obvious, interesting, compelling, contradictory,...)

What questions does the paper raise?

What additional information, discussion or examples would you have like to have seen? Can you suggest some details that the writer might mention?

What suggestions can you make for focusing the topic? Should the focus be narrower? Does the paper need a sharper thesis? Is the writer trying to prove too much? What about the order? tone?


The writer refers to the text he or she is working on ... (effectively, scantily, incorrectly, disruptively)

Language, Diction, Syntax

How effectively does the writer use language to convey ideas?

Are sentences clear and readable?

General Comments (one paragraph):

Questions about the Paper?
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